So easy to get a topic off of other peoples blogs. The ideas seem to just flow from them. Anyway, here it goes… Volume. This seems to be the mainstay idea of some other networks. How many people can I touch how often? Hundreds, thousands (that was mentioned!) and how effectively can I stay in touch with all of them so they will all want to send me business! Well, the answer is, they won’t. It’s the old adage of doing one thing well or trying to do many things at the same time ending up doing them all poorly.


I think this is what we have to face in networking. I always thought splitting your allegiance to two networking groups was a push but trying to keep up with a thousand people personally in a network only works if you’re in a system like Joel Osteen!

It takes a massive structural engine based on management systems and money to create a paid loyal group of 1000 sales people. That would be great, and it is done every day, but the system we’re involved in is based on personal knowledge, loyalty and friendship. True personal knowledge, care and concern drives our pay system. Leads given, not received transmits the value of our pay base. The whole concept is based on having a room of sales people who care about your success. Can’t do that in the thousands unless you’re Mosses. So, to be effective in a reasonably sized group keeping the expectations of volume at a manageable level means to participate thoroughly in your group. Get to know each person. Spend some time with every member at some point and give, give give!


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