Business owners familiar with the importance of face-to-face marketing have many factors to research when choosing the best way to expand their social networks.  Should they focus on regular meetings or annual conferences? Will attending local events help more than industry forums?  Answers to these questions are especially important for smaller specialty businesses that rely heavily on leads and contacts through personal recommendations.  Networking Austin founder, Jim McCullick, is a strong believer in regular meetings with fellow local professionals.  In the following interview Jim explains how Networking Austin stands out as top lead and business generating group for all local professions:


Networking Austin features a variety of professionals.  What makes this group beneficial to both Financial Planners and Sports Massage Therapists? 

Jim:  Both professions involve people outside the room. The massage therapist will meet clients and friends every day in their normal life of activities. So will the stock broker. Our system allows each participant to obtain personal and business knowledge about the other. Along with that personal and knowledge comes trust and more importantly genuine care for the other person’s success. When the sports therapist meets a person who they know well, they would, if the opportunity arises, refer that person to the stock broker. They can give that referral with the knowledge that that person will make the best personal effort to service their referral because of the relationship they have created in the meetings. We are in the room to build a sales force, not a market. that’s why it doesn’t matter what you do, it’s who you know.

What is your favorite small business lead success story?

Jim:   A window washer that referred a developer to a site he knew was for sale consummated a 21 million dollar sale. 

How does Networking Austin promote networking throughout different business fields? 

Jim:  It’s based on people and who they are.. not what they do.

What can someone in a niche field gain from weekly meetings, like Networking Austin, versus attending annual industry conferences? 

Jim:  A wide spread throughout a community with a broad based reach. You never know where a lead may take you.
With advances in digital marketing, along with boosts in Austin’s business sector, picking a personal way to market a company is more important than ever.  After finding local networking groups that only focused on lead exchanges and formalities, and knowing that a room full of trusted friends on a business owner’s side is better than just an industry acquaintance, Jim McCullick created Networking Austin.  This forum for professionals provides the necessary real connections needed in business.  These breakfasts offer a weekly meeting between a wide variety of Austin employers and experts with the common goal of expanding valuable personal business relationships.  For any local company looking to boost your personal sales force and gain reputable recommendations throughout the city, stop by a Thursday morning meeting and join in on Networking Austin’s success.

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