This would be a couple of simple tips that will increase the likelihood of your receiving leads from your group.

1)      Put the list of members in a place that allows easy access. Usually the car works best. It goes most places you do. When a person asks for a referral, or states that they need some kind of help, have the list available with the contact information and your lead will generate much faster. Nothing works better, nothing, to generate activity from your group than to give leads.

2)      Share something personal with other members in your group. Story about the kids, good restaurant you tried, vacation plans or something stupid you did to get your spouse irritated with you! Seems simple enough and it is. But without a doubt, the single most powerful tool one person can use to connect with another is a personal statement about who they are. Not a business or political position, but something personal about themselves and their life. Once you accomplish this feat, more personal connectivity will flow between you and other members, and the foundation for future business is started.

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