Just about the most confusing and ineffective communication a member can offer to generate business is to ask for a huge, broad, myriad of leads without being specific as to what they really need. “I need to find any person who has money, or anyone who owns property!” Members in the group can supply you a lead more efficiently and faster if you are specific in what you ask for. Stay away from the word “anybody”, and ask for a laser specific lead for that week. “I need to meet the manager of ABC Company,” for an example. Other members will remember what you need and supply useful information more readily if you ask for a targeted need or introduction into a specific business. It’s not as limiting as it seems. It allows a direction for your sales force to focus on and more often than not, it will lead their thinking into another related area as well. Remember, if you don’t ask for it, they can’t give it to you.

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