Only experience has taught me an effective path to network. It takes time and time is money! To build a network that is worthwhile, over the last 30 years, I have watched and learned hands on what works not only the best but for the long term.

How Networking Austin is Different

Most groups try to pound the leads from its members with several attendance requirements, lead requirements, membership drives and penalties for failing. I call that “back to high school networking” and believe it to be both demoralizing and ineffective for the long term.


I have learned from our networking groups that for long term networking to be effective, personalities must come first.

The rooms need to be comfortable both in setting and in the way the members get to know each other. No one is really going to bat for another member who they do not know well or trust. Some people will give out their best leads to aide another only to find that the person who received the lead dropped the ball or did not deliver. That’s bad all the way around.

That’s why Networking Austin allows a system in our groups that promotes personal knowledge and trust, not only in what the member says they do, but who they are as a person.

Once a real relationship is formed in a business oriented environment you have created a sales person for yourself, not a limited market. That person who knows you will go out into the real world and actually care about your success. They become the advocates for your business.

You will not get that long term business relationship in a sophomoric “push the business card in your face” and talk only about what you do and not who you are, kind of networking club.

Networking Austin has had members working together in Austin for over twenty years and we work off attraction rather than promotion.

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