Some skills are essential when it comes to business and networking. One of the most basic, and therefore the most frequently overlooked, is communication. Good communication in daily life is something that one can expect to come easily to any business professional. However, there are still pitfalls to be avoided. This guide will give you some advice on how to avoid poor communication.

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Clearly there is little point in covering the absolute basics here. If you are a business professional, one-on-one interactions and group situations should already be straightforward enough. The main purpose of this post is to help you navigate the world of networking more effectively than you already do.

If you want to start communicating better in the business world, the best way is simply to get out there. Start by getting involved with local networking groups like, Networking Austin building your connections slowly; then keep practicing to hone your newly acquired skills. Attending meetings and talking to people ensures that you pick up on the social cues of the business world faster and more effectively than you would by reading how-to guides or buying books on the subject.

When you begin getting to know someone in a networking context, resist the temptation to keep your conversations strictly about business. If you want to generate leads and positive connections through networking, allow the personal aspect of your interaction to come first. Not only will you make a better initial impression, you will find the conversation flows much more easily than if you stayed focused on work alone. Another key piece of advice is to invest time and energy on everyone that you speak to over the course of meetings and networking events, even if they seem to have no way of helping you individually. They may be in the position to introduce you to your next vital contact, and if so a good first impression will help you immensely.

Finally, when you do narrow down your communication into business-only discussion, don’t waste words. Your fellow Network Austin members will appreciate directness at appropriate times. It is confusing if you simply broadcast a request for connections to the whole group, for example. You don’t want to meet just anybody; you want to meet someone who can benefit you in particular. When making requests of other members, be targeted and specific. This may sound limiting: surely casting a wide net would maximize your opportunities? On the contrary, focus and direction are good for the structure of your group as a whole. Your fellow members are better placed to remember direct requests than they are vague appeals. They can also add their own input more effectively when they know what you want. One focused and direct request will do more for your networking group than ten non-specific ones.

Good business communication is an integral part of networking. Make sure to spend some time on the Networking Austin site getting better acquainted with our resources and start building on your skills.

Yours for better business!


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