Sounds like a simple question, but how do you enter a room of business people you don’t know and begin the process of creating a network?

The best answer is to clearly understand what you’re actually doing. It seems much easier to hit a target when you know where it is! We will explore over the next few weeks how to better understand the most effective way to build a sales team for the long haul, and not to burn relationships based on bad information and unrealistic expectations. People will give a lead to someone they know and trust, an actual person, not a business behind a card.

The best way to begin is to understand that the room is not your market. The other members in your group are your sales team. They need to be trained in order to be effective and they need to have a desire to supply you with leads. Your first job should be to get to know other members on a personal level. It is important to talk about where you came from, what you like to do in Austin for fun and why you’re up so early! Do this with as many people as you can over your first few months knowing that you’re in for the long term, and you never know where another member could lead you in business.

Build the relationships and the business will follow.

Jim McCullick


Networking Austin


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