The onset of coronavirus has definitely upended the way we live our day-today lives. Unprecedented unemployment rates, emptied shelves where toilet paper and Lysol wipes used to sit, an innumerable amount of people working from home, and a serious amount of feeling cooped up – this has become the new reality.
So how has consumer behavior and the way people search changed as a result of the world’s largest at home online audience? Based on what we’ve seen across the search engines indexing and performance – here is the takeaway:
Search behavior drastically changed as a result of the coronavirus, and it will continue to do so over the coming weeks and months – with the largest online audience in history. Consumerism has also seen a large demand shift from desire-based purchases to people buying what they deem as essential.
As we are forced to stay home, how can we shift our SEO and content strategy to address your audience to maintain relevance? A Quick Tip – Every consumer business website should have a page about COVID-19 and its impact. This is especially important if your business is considered essential or is significantly impacted by COVID-19. Creating a dedicated page to capture all relevant coronavirus traffic can help sustain some traffic loss. You don’t have to update people on the ongoing progress of coronavirus, but more so what your company is doing. For example, just a simple page of text section detailing how a portion of sales will go towards relief efforts, or how your business has transitioned to still provide products and services virtually, with new offerings and options. Even if that’s not the case for you, having a page on what you’re doing can help instill trust in the brand.
If you’re a restaurant, what precautions are you and your team taking to ensure the health and safety of the foods you are making and delivering to consumers? If you sell a product, what increases in safety measures are you taking in production? For retail, if your stores are closed, informing people of those store closures and where they can purchase your product online instead, as Nike did, can also help improve sales. And last, knowing that everyone is at home, what are some ways your product or service can help users navigate this pandemic?
Find new and emerging topics to create content around – and be aware of how your site is doing. As mentioned above, finding new and emerging topics will be essential in capturing traffic for new search demand. Having the right piece of content at the right time based on what people are searching for now could be the difference between someone coming to your site or going to a competitor. With the changes in people’s needs and search patterns, it can be critical to be more aware of the changing keyword phrase trending, as well as monitoring your ranking positions.
Now, more than ever, business is being conducted and enacted online as the new standard. While you are working from home, now is the time to expound and differentiate your online presence in more detail. Taking the time to write and provide more details about what makes your business the ideal solution, and to help educate your potential clients in why you can help them with their needs – now is the time to enhance your digital storefront, since it may be receiving more visitors than ever. Focusing on converting those visitors into valued relationships, sales and service contracts – suddenly the website has become the most accessible front door to contacting you. With this in mind, Search Engine Optimization has become critical – and the long-term solution to having natural, organic business leads and referrals – without a cost per click. True Search Engine Optimization does take time, but it creates a long-term foundation that continues to get stronger, and develop a consumer following with age, content, and continued use. Over time, it also is one of the only marketing methods that continues to refer more traffic, with costs either staying minimal, or even decreasing as your website and its content matures and becomes more detailed.
At Digital Warlock, we provide detailed analysis of keyword phrase analysis, competitive rankings position monitoring, and commercial ongoing submission of your site to accelerate your new content’s indexing and listing in the online search results. We can help you focus on the targeted phrases that will benefit you with the ideal local or national audience that comes to you with purpose – because they were looking for you, your products, or services.
The times have already changed. We are facing a new reality. Creating content based on being aware of the changes to trending interest, and monitoring your sites ranking during this time will help lessen the potential negative impact to your business. Staying ahead of the curve on new and upcoming searches can help place you above the rest simply by staying relevant.
If you would like a free website SEO performance audit, to see where you currently are, and see what the trending searches that relate to your business have changed, contact Scott Willis of Digital Warlock – either by phone at 303-807-6447, or by direct email –
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