Giving each other leads is the bottom line in ours or any networking group. We all want that kind of activity. We need more business. I believe that in a system developed and operated on the principals that we use, our lead generation is optimum both in quality and quantity.

One way to help insure the continued production of that desired activity is to bring guests, not only for the obvious benefit of the new face in the room, but the continued growth and marketing strength of the group.

Even if a new member does not help you directly, they probably will help someone else in the group with an expanded market base. This follows the same principle of giving a lead to receive one. Your effort to help the group expand its base marketing power and help others will have the same ongoing effect as providing a lead, but for the entire group as a whole.

With that concept in mind, think of just one person that could help not only themselves, but the group as a whole to bring as a guest. Keep in mind that this will benefit the group as a whole and will be perceived by other members as a positive contribution to building a strong marketing force for the benefit of the entire group.

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