Today’s tip has to do with a simple suggestion that could help get the results from the group you want. It has to do with presenting yourself as the person you are, not who you think the group would want to see.

Being genuine to who you are helps build trust and personal knowledge faster than any other action or form of communication during a meeting. When given the chance to speak  or when talking with other members , ask for what you want in a precise fashion, but try to do so in a relaxed and as genuine a- way as comfortable. Keep yourself in the room, and leave the banker, lawyer or whatever profession you have for the workplace. In your meeting, it is always best to be relaxed and as open with other members as reasonably possible.

This attitude towards your group will help expedite the return you want which is to build a knowledge and trust between each other so other members care about your success. You do have to ask for business, but if you do it in a “personal way” the results will come faster and in increased amounts.


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