The importance of sharing you life story to the group when it’s your turn to speak is not unlike teaching the value of receiving a salary to an employee. The currency we use in our network is trust, and a genuine caring about a person’s success. This is created in getting to know all about a person, where he or she came from, family life and life experiences in general. This is why I encourage members to share their story without preparation and from the heart – not delivering a speech.  Their time in front of the group is most valuable because members of the group see who they are, not what they are.

When you leave early before someone speaks, especially a new member, you are not only being rude to that individual, but cheating yourself out of a potential salesman.  Without the equitable exchange of information on that level, the system will not work.  It is a two way street.  Please take the time to listen quietly and with respect to the speaker. New information you did not know comes from members who have been involved in the group for sometime and possibly nervous the first time they spoke, and obviously new information pours out from the new members.

So, tip of the week is to stay seated and quiet while a member shares information about their life. Try to stay without leaving early unless absolutely necessary. Listen and you could gain a valuable new member in your sales team.

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