I was reading a networking blog from another group that concerned the members gaining enough strength and confidence to finally be in a position to ask for leads. In addition, classes were to be held, at a charge, to teach members of this network how to ask for leads! This is exactly what our network members do not have to do!

Our approach is exactly the antithesis of this procedure. We do not have to train members on how to ask, but rather how to become personally knowledgeable about other members and learn what they need so giving is a natural result of the procedure, not asking or having to seek the lead.

This concept was developed over twenty years of watching and learning what worked best, not in the short term, but how to create a long term sales team. You do not ask your sales team for business, they provide it to you, and in return, they will be provided what they need. This mirrors the same process of paying employees money to produce leads or sales. How we “pay” our co-members to sell for us is by giving leads and other valuable information to them. That’s the currency. We create the “currency” by personal knowledge and trust. We don’t teach “asking” or how to seem relaxed, we are relaxed!

If we work the system right we should have little need to ask for anything.

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