Frequently, the question is asked about the amount of time a member will be in the network and expect activity to be generated in the form of leads. The answer is the time that it takes to get leads differs member to member for several reasons.

First, it depends on what you do for a profession. Some businesses are easy to understand and supply leads to because their service is straight forward, auto repair for example.

A more difficult type of business for the club to service might be a consultant who helps businesses re –work management, or place strategic employees in certain positions. This would take longer to understand.

Another factor is the member themselves. How aggressive, open and gregarious they are in their personality and make up. Frankly, some people make friends faster than others for all kinds of different reasons.  All of that is OK.

The main point is that the system will work for anyone doing anything as long as other members in the group get to know and trust you and understand, over time, the type of business or person you need to meet. The system we have in place promotes this “business relationship building” better than most other networking systems. I have seen it work for all kinds of diversified businesses as long as the member devotes the time to the system, attends regularly and on time, and makes the effort to meet outside the room whenever possible!

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