What do the most successful people do in a Network Club? Why do some prosper from the group while others fall away and spend time and money with little or no results?

Not too complicated really. The successful folks in a network know that the other member’s success leads to their own. Concentrating on the “other guys” activity will only generate your own. If you just sit and wait, that’s what you will do, just sit and wait. Just take an honest assessment of how much you have given, and that should be relatively equivalent to what you are receiving.

When you give your group members leads, they in turn will be more compelled to give you leads as well. This is part of the currency that generates activity. Never look at the group as your direct source of business, but as a sales force paid with your interest in them.

If you attend meetings and wait for business, very little will come your way. To expedite and produce the wanted success, give as many leads as you can, attend regularly and always make an attempt to meet outside of the room in a coffee shop or at the office. Building a knowledgeable personal business relationship will only help speed the process up!


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