Managing a remote team is a popular alternative to hiring in-house employees. While hiring remote workers can save your business a lot of money, it can be hard to find the right people without meeting them in person. And, once you’ve found workers, managing your team will come with its own special set of problems. The following tips will help you find talented remote workers and manage your team to keep all of your projects running smoothly.


Hire the Right Help


Running a growing business means knowing when to delegate. Free up more of your own time so that you can focus on exploring new ideas, business opportunities, and revenue streams. Look for team members that will take some daily chores off your hands. Virtual assistant freelancers, for example, can make for affordable and valuable additions to small businesses. Your virtual assistant can handle all of the tedious parts of your job that rob you of time, like taking phone calls and scheduling meetings. Connect with reliable virtual assistants on the best job boards when you’re ready to hire some help.


Ask Questions About Relevant Skills


In a remote work environment, the personality of your workers doesn’t matter as much as their ability to thrive in a remote role. Baremetrics stresses that self-motivation is a critical skill that you should look for when reviewing your candidates. Ask your candidates about their remote work experience and how they resolve problems in a virtual team environment. This interviewing period is also important for assessing their communication skills.


Focus on Communication


Miscommunication is a common problem on remote teams. As you start onboarding your various team members, decide how you’re going to keep everyone on the same page.


Scheduling regular team video calls is a great way to keep everyone up to date, but this can be challenging when you have workers with varying schedules. Consider having your call notes transcribed and shared with everyone on your team so you can be sure that no one misses out on critical information. Instead of hiring a person to do this, use an automated text-to-speech transcription service, which can deliver the notes fast for as little as 10 cents per minute. With quality audio, some services can offer up to 95 percent accuracy.


It’s also a good idea to establish exactly who your workers should go to with different questions and concerns, from time-off requests to issues with project clarity. This will prevent you from getting bogged down by conversations that can be handled by someone else. Draw up a simple document that includes this information, so your new hires can refer to it whenever needed.


Develop Concise Documentation


Delivering clear, consistent information to all of your new hires is important for starting everyone off with the same expectations. Creating a shared document is a great way to do this. In this document, include important information about your business’ history, values, and culture. This documentation should also include your expectations about deadlines, work quality, and communication. Wagepoint suggests including shadowing in your documentation, which is the process of tracking how your new hires are doing as they start out.


Use Tools for Collaboration


The right tools and systems can keep communication flowing smoothly through your virtual work environment. Google Drive is useful for working on shared documents and providing feedback, Slack allows for instant messaging and group chat, and Trello is an excellent resource for outlining projects and deadlines. There are numerous other options out there, so try out different things until you find the communication solutions that work best for your business. Using a variety of communication and collaboration tools will encourage the development of a strong company culture in your business—this means happier workers and a lower turnover rate.


Your search for the right remote workers can take some time. Avoid hiring people who lack the skills needed to thrive in a remote work environment—many people think that working from home is fun and easy until they try it for the first time! Choose candidates that are dedicated self-starters with a fantastic track record working on remote teams. These individuals have what it takes to make your business a success.

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