Most business owners network today. We were the first B To B group in Austin, and therefore the oldest. I have learned that to produce the most return out of your time and money invested in your Networking efforts, two important elements need to be in place.

1) An environment created that is conducive to getting to know about a person primarily as an individual and not a business so that the relationship value that is created is vested in who they are as a person as much as what they do for work.

2) Once a personal bond of knowledge is in place, the giving of quality leads will far outweigh, in the sense of return leads, a high volume of leads generated to fulfill some quota or mandatory requirement. In other words, you will get the quality of leads you give so its best to give quality leads. Your more apt to give a quality lead to a person you know and trust rather than give a quality lead based on what he or she does.

This is the premise of using a networking group to build the depth and lasting value needed to make your investment of time and money worthwhile. At Networking Austin, that’s what we do.

Jim McCullick
Networking Austin

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