I really do enjoy reading other Networking Blogs. I can get some good Ideas about what our group can do to improve by seeing the newer groups “form up” in their particular ideologies.
This one warned of not becoming stifled or to become placed in some sort of emotional exile by making “Networking Mistakes”. With that said, no particular mistakes were mentioned so I thought I would assist in naming a few I have noticed over the years, none of which would be cause for exile! They could, however, keep a member from receiving the business they are after and getting it expeditiously.
1) Do not ask for business in a broad general sense. Be specific. You can’t expect other members to hit your target of you don’t give them anything to aim at.
2) Do not lead with business. When approaching another member to converse with the premise of building a relationship that will assist in getting business, don’t start with business first. You don’t salt the plate before the food is served. Work with a personal conversational overtone first, then the business comes.
3) Keep Positive. If your discouraged for any reason, put it in your pocket until the right situation allows discussion. The right time will come, but don’t lead a conversation with a negative. Excitement sells, and that’s what you’re doing, selling yourself!

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